We have a modern and up to date 13,100 sq. foot full service shop. Our equipment includes a 1/4" x 12' power shear, 200 ton x 4m Bystronic CNC Press Brake, 150 ton x 10' Bystronic CNC Press Brake, 40 ton x 1M High Speed Bystronic CNC press brake, 95 ton x 12' power press brake, 10' x 14ga Cidan CNC Folder, state of the art welding machines for Tig, Mig, Arc, and spot, 22" swing x 84" long lathe, 3 hp milling machine with 34" table travel, 60" power rollers, 55 ton hydraulic press, 16" power metal band saw, 10' hand brake, various sheet metal rollers and formers, as well as a selection of finishing grinders and polishers. All tools needed to handle every part coming off our state of the art Bystronic CNC fiber laser table.

Hawk Custom Sheet Metal Ltd. is proud to service their customers with the most diversified and best equipped metal shop in Red Deer. We also believe this provides our customers with a "one stop does all " service that our customers appreciate.

For all of our cutting needs, a BySprint-Fiber 3000W laser cutting system fits the bill. This allows us to cut up to 3/4" Mild Steel, 1/2" Stainless Steel and 1/2" Aluminum. The Fiber laser technology has also enabled us to laser cut copper and brass up to 1/4" thick which is not possible with a conventional CO2 laser. The cutting speeds that this machine can obtain in materials up to 1/4" thick are up to double the speed of CO2 lasers of higher power.

A Bystronic Xpert 40 high speed CNC press brake is our go-to brake for all production parts. With the smaller frame, comes the potential for the highest possible production speeds in large volume, small parts. This tiny-giant can bend parts up to 1 meter in length faster than any other brake out there. 

A Bystronic Xpert150 CNC press brake provides a good blend between bending capacity and bending speed. Functioning as a primary workhorse in our diverse environment this brake has all of the features of it's 200 ton counterpart, while the smaller frame allows it to maintain a higher per part production rate.

For heavier bending an Xpert 200 Bystronic CNC press brake provides up to 200 ton of bending force. This allows us the capacity to bend 1/4" materials up to 4 meters long. Dynamic crowning provides true bend angles the whole length of the workpiece. 8 axis CNC provides a high level of accuracy and repeatability.

CIDAN K25 CNC Folder provides all the functionality of a hand brake with the speed and repeatability of a CNC machine. This allows us to produce flashing and HVAC fittings faster than ever with CNC repeatability. With it's rotational Combi-Clamping beam it also provides the versatility of a box and pan brake in lengths up to 120".

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